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CAUTION!! Anyone can make a blue light and call it "UVC" or "Germicidal" Light What is the difference between G9 Germ Killer apart from other cheap m...

Product Description

CAUTION!! Anyone can make a blue light and call it "UVC" or "Germicidal" Light

What is the difference between G9 Germ Killer apart from other cheap models?

• Our UVC Lamps are direct source from UVC Manufacturers with CE and various testing certifications. We use the latest UVC Technology, producing UVC rays at the optimal germicidal wavelength of 253.7 nm.

• We use high quality UVC Lamps, ballasts and housings.

• We warranty our UVC Lamp quality. We strongly discourage purchase of UVC products, from Sellers who do not offer warranty on UVC Lamps or replacements.

• MOST IMPORTANT!!! Majority of the Sellers in the market, rate their products by the WATTS OUTPUT of the UVC Lamp alone. G9 Germ Killer has been tested using the industry standard W/cm2. It produces ≥760µW/cm2 of UVC intensity at 15cm and provides an efficiently high dose of UVC light rays to KILL (or inactivate) any virus or bacteria - even MDROs (Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms)

• G9 Germ Killer is ideal for the disinfection of any offices, kitchens, restaurants, bathrooms, toilets, Bedrooms, Lifts, Living Rooms, KTVs, Clinics, Hospitals, etc.

• G9 Germ Killer is fully portable and can be plugged into any standard 220~240V outlet. It comes with a 2-Pin Plug of 1.2m cable.


• Kills and inactivates 99.9% harmful surface microorganisms that contribute to the spread of infectious diseases, viruses, mold and bacteria, including C-diff, MRSA, TB, E.coli, Salmonella, CRKP, VRE, Colds, Flu and Measles.

• Portable, versatile and easy to use, just plug in to the electrical outlet and switch it on.

• Lamp lifespan of approximately 6,000 hours (16 hours/day for 365 days)

• Produces no Ozone or other secondary contaminants

• Produces ≥760µW/cm2 of UVC intensity at 15cm

• Optimal germicidal wavelength of 253.7 nm

• Product of Singapore, and tested prior to shipment.

• Low Operating Cost

• No Maintenance Needed

• No Side Effect

User Manual



1. For best results, the G9 Germ Killer should be mounted or placed at least 6 feet above ground.

2. Do not block the inlet and outlet of the product.

3. Operate in indoor environment only, preferably with fan and or air conditioner turn on during operation.

Direction of Use

1. Always plug the AC cable to the power supply before switching “ON”.

2. Then switch “ON” the power supply.

3. You will observe a “blue light” at the back and sides of the product. To Clean Air

4. Allow it to run for at least 2 hours continuously to clean up the air surrounding.

5. For best result, continuous operation is recommended.

Safety Instructions

1. Use the product only as described in the manual.

2. Operate the product on 220~240V 50/60Hz power outlet only.

3. Do not operate without the outer casing in place.

4. Do not operate if there is any physical damage to the product.

5. Do not operate this product in areas where there is risk of the unit falling into or exposed to water.

Electrical Shock (To reduce the risk of injury)

1. Always unplug from the supply before servicing.

2. Do not handle the product with wet hands.

3. Keep the product away from children or pets playing with it

4. Keep the product away from heated or wet area.

5. Do not put any object into the opening or block the airflow of the product.

UVC Light

1. Do not expose your eyes or skin to UVC light. It may cause irritation or injury.

Replacement of UVC Lamp

1. Replacement of UVC Lamp shall be carried out by Company Authorised Personnel.

2. Please do not change the UVC Lamp yourself to avoid eyes or skin irritation or injury.

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