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About Us

Established in 2003, we started marketing our product, the Germ & Smell Killer. In March 2006, we began the improvement on our product design and effectiveness, together with a team of dedicated R&D engineers,  we successfully improved on the design and performance of Germ & Smell Killer with extensive testing under an enclosed and air-conditioned environment. Germ & Smell Killer was tested and approved by PSB (S’pore), and simultaneously obtained a CE-certification.

In September 2016, the company was known as Sun Innovations Pte Ltd. In early 2017, the design was further improved by combining activated-carbon air filters together with Ultra-Violet technologies for our air-purifier. We began small-scale manufacturing here in Singapore and the final Germ & Smell Killer was born. We have successfully distribute the product to the Philippines and parts of Asia Pacific Regions. 

For the last 10 over years, our products can be seen all over Singapore in many different industries. In the F&B industry, from Fast-food chains to Kopitiams, restaurants and Central kitchens for restaurants. In the Education Sector, our products can be seen in kindergartens, childcare centres and Schools. In the hospitality industry, we have served SPAs, and hotels.   We have also served public buildings like the Community Centres, Turf Club, Singapore Pools HQ, SAFTI, Churches and Home for the Cancer.

In the year 2020, we have rebranded to G9 Germ Killer and focus on the eliminating of viruses, providing clean and safe air for the industries as well as end users.